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Re: 7fc verification   publicado por Josť Luis Juan/ Dept. Intl. , el 05/10/2004 11:58:00


 Dear Hamid.

Thanks for your post and interest in Alhambra Guitars.

We inform you that the 7 FC model (ref. 43030592) was finished at the last 14 of November 2003.  

You could obtain more information about this model in:

This is very nice instrument to learn to play flamenco.
We cannot say you what is the reasonable retail price because we do not know what is transport cost and duty of this instrument in your country.
You can contact to Alhambra distributor in Iran:
Hashem Najafi Ashtiani  
Tf.: +98.21.672.4710
E-mail: tafcanada@rogers.com

We hope this information is useful for you.
Josť Luis Juan
Dep. Int.  

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