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Re: 7Fc verification   publicado por Jorge Juliá / Dept. Intl. , el 12/04/2004 12:35:00


 Dear Mr. Wim:

First of all we would like toi thank you for your kind comments.

The 7Fc Nº 7990097 was handcrafte in the year 1999. We started to handcraft this concrete guitar in February 2nd at it was finished in the last week of March. Then it was shipped to our distributor in Australia at that time. Now is Music Link.

You can find more details about this model by visiting this web site in the products point. Then choose Flamenco guitars.

It is a good start to play flamenco. If you are going to begin in the Flamenco practice may you can consider other models like the 7F or the 7Fp. The 7Fc is a guitar handcrafted with Solid Spanish Cypress sides and backs.  

In regards the price you should compare with the prices our distributor is offering for new instruments. You can contact Music Link at www.musiclink.com.au  

Best regards.
Jorge Juliá.
Intl. Dept.

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