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 I see nobody is answering you by now. This is my view on woods, just in case this can help you.

For fingerpicking you need some volume, extra punch and separation of notes, and of course lots of sustain.

Alhambra has acoustic models with solid German spruce top, and mahogany in the sides and back, (solid or laminated) that sounds just GREAT. Mine is a prototipe, and has laminated maple in the sides and back, in theory offering a more brilliant sound in the middle and treble range. In exchange, the bass is a little bit boomy, which can be desirable or not, according to personal preferences. I prefer a this, better than a tiny sound in the bass range.

I can tell you that in the months I dedicated to choose my next accoustic guitar for fingerpicking, I tried Martins, Gibsons, Taylors, etc., and only models about three times more expensive than the Alhambras can approach its quality of sound. Maybe the Seagull S6 is an exception, but still cannot compare with the sound of the Alhambra, and the cedar top seems really precarious.

Besides the woods, the kind of construction means a lot, and specially the bracing and varnish of the top. My counsel: do not relay on woods. Try different models, and be sure the strings ar in good standing.

I suggest to you re-write your inquiry after the 26th of January, fir an "official" answer.

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