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Re: Classical guitar 4 P red cedar top/string tens   publicado por Pilar Gisbert / Dept. Intl. , el 15/05/2009 10:39:36


Dear Geoffrey,  

Thank you very much for your post. First of all I would like to apologize for this delay in my answer, but we finished to work last Thursday, and we came back yesterday, due to our local festivities.

Regarding the manufacturing date, we can tell you that your guitar started to handcraft at the end of July 2008 and it was finished in the middle of October 2008.

On the other hand, the top is made of solid Canadian Cedar.

In regards the strings, we use in your guitar: D’Addario EXP 44 Extra Hard Tension. From our point of view we think that Extra High Tension is the best string for our guitars, but if you use normal tension the guitar will not harm. You can use a different brand or tension, it is a personal option, and in fact if you read our forum you can see different opinions about the strings.

Finally, we would like to thank you for buying an Alhambra guitar. We hope you enjoy your new guitar forever.

Kind regards,  


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