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Re: Alhambra 7P   publicado por Jorge Julia / Dept. Intl. , el 16/03/2009 12:02:23


Dear Stephen,

Thank you very much for your kind enquiry of information and interest in the Alhambra guitars.

The guitar is very close, however Catherine and Andrew have a huge experience in classical guitars, so based on that they asked for a special set up and they do also some adjustments in their shop.  

Alhambra is making guitars for all kind of players and we must use a standard in regards the string action adjustment. However, some dealers also ask for more concrete specifications (material used in nuts and saddles, thickness and design of the bracing, etc.).

We also know that sometimes (I do not know if they do in this model) they upgrade machine heads.

I strongly advice you to contact Catherine who surely will be able to give you further details since I know (I have visited them) they test, play and adjust every guitar to get the best performances of the instrument for each player.

If you need further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,  


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