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Dear Or,  

Thank you for your new post.

Manufacturas Alhambra, S.L. Company is located in Muro del Alcoy, at the north of the district of Alicante. It is the place where the Alhambra facilities are located and where we make all the Alhambra guitars.
It is possible to come here to buy personally an Alhambra guitar. However, we must call your attention to the fact that whenever you purchase the guitar in Spain and as per the guarantee rules showed in the guarantee card, if any day you need any assistance, the shipment from your country  to Spain will be at your expenses. On the other hand, we respect the recommended prices, so the price in our factory will be the same that you will be able to find in other shops in Spain.  
Fortunately there are no relevant troubles and it supposed you will spend some time testing the instrument. Also you will have the opportunity to choose between several instruments, but we understand it is fair from our side to inform you about this special term in Alhambra guarantee terms.
You could come at any time during our working time, from Monday to Thursday. We start at 8:00 AM and we stop to have lunch at 13:00. After that we start again at 15:00 until 18:30. On Friday we start at 8:00 am and we stop at 13:00. Please bear in mind that you will need at least 30 or 45 minutes to test the instrument, so you should arrive here around 12:15 or 17:15 as latest. As we cannot publish prices on the web, we are sending them to your e-mail address.
During the month of May there are some city festivals, so we strongly recommend you to check with us if the day you plan to come here the workshop is open. It is also important to know that during the month of July the company only works in the morning (7:00 am to 14:00) and the month of August is closed due to summer vacation.

We hope that this information will be useful for you.

Best regards,  


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