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Dear Paul,  

Thank you very much for your post.

The main differences between 8 Fp and 10 Fp are:

•The model 8 Fp has Polyurethane finish, and the model 10 Fp has polyurethane finish on backs and sides but laca-nitro on top.

•The bracing pattern is different in both models as well.

•The string action.

•The measures, 95 mm – 87 mm in the model 10 Fp and 102 mm. – 95 mm in the models 8 Fp, so the box is thinner in the model 10 Fp.

•The model 10 Fp is made only by a little team of artisans.

•The sound hole decoration.

The points where these two models meet are:

•Both models have solid German Spruce top, but the 8Fp has the top coloured of orange colour, however the best quality is chosen for making model 10 Fp.  

We hope that this information will be useful for you.



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