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Re: Spanish or classic? Nº 882047 from 1977   publicado por Jorge Juliá / Dept. Intl. , el 13/12/2005 12:53:22


 Dear Christian: Thanks for your kind inquiry of information. Both names Spanish guitar & Classical guitar refer the same type of instrument, despite the Spanish guitar is more general and,. From a grammatical point of view, it could involve to any guitar made in Spain, irrespective if it is a classical or flamenco or steel strung instrument. Probably, (in fact we are almost sure) your guitar needs nylon strings, but if you wish to clear any doubt you may still has, please  let us have a couple of digital pictures (at least one of them showing the bridge) to info@alhambrasl.com and we will confirm what is the most suitable type of strings for it.

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  what a kind is my guitar, a spanisch or a classic por Christian Drieling 07/12/2005
      Re: Spanish or classic? Nº 882047 from 1977 por Jorge Juliá / Dept. Intl. 13/12/2005


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