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Distrubitor in Turkey   publicado por Taral , el 23/10/2003 14:54:00


 Dear Sirs,

I live in Turkey and have contacted to your main Distributor in Turkey named Lay Lay Lom Music to ask the price of the type 7F-P and 10FP.However,I could not get a satisfactory answer and I was told that those types are not situated in their brochures and price list .However, They are placed in your web pages.Would you please show me a way how I can pick the necessary information.



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  Distrubitor in Turkey por Taral 23/10/2003
      Re: Distrubitor in Turkey por Jorge Juliá / Intl. Dept. 23/10/2003
      Re: your e-mail address / Distributor in Turkey por Jorge Juliá / Intl. Dept. 24/10/2003


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