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7F-P and 10F-P   publicado por Taral , el 23/10/2003 14:42:00



I have a Bernal made Flamenca Blanca guitar and would like to buy a Negra guitar .I am asking to the Alhambra 7F-P  or 10F-P owners about the performance of the Negra guitars.Because,I have tried some negras' from the other luthiers and their sounds were very similar conventional clasical guitars except Lester De Voe,Vicente Carrilo and  Hermanos Conde which they have very high price to afford.

I await your comments.



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  7F-P and 10F-P por Taral 23/10/2003
      Re: 7F-P and 10F-P por Jorge Juliá / Dept. Intl. 23/10/2003
      Re: Your e-mail address / 7F-P and 10F-P por Jorge Juliá / Intl. Dept. 24/10/2003


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