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Classical guitar 4 P red cedar top/string tension   publicado por Geoffrey De P. , el 09/05/2009 21:13:21


 Dear sir / madam,

Since two weeks I am the happy owner of an Alhambra classical guitar Model 4 P with a red cedar top. The serial number is : 36083978.

Please, can you give me the manufacturing date ?

Is the red cedar top of the same wood as Canadian cedar or western cedar ?

Can it give problems to neck, saddle, bridge and other elements if I use “Low tension strings” on my guitar...maybe over years ?

Thanks in advance for answering.
A big compliment for the Alhambra company and all it’s members ! You are offering beautiful guitars. I am proud playing on one of yours.

Best wishes,
Geoffrey De P.

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  Classical guitar 4 P red cedar top/string tension por Geoffrey De P. 09/05/2009
      Re: Classical guitar 4 P red cedar top/string tens por Pilar Gisbert / Dept. Intl. 15/05/2009


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