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lucier rio Alhambra   publicado por Konstantinos Nikolakis , el 03/03/2009 19:09:23



I would like to buy a new guitar lucier rio Alhambra. It costs a lot of money AND of course i would like to be sure that the guitar that they are going to sell me is absolutely new. Is there anyway to verify such a thing or am i going to buy something in darkness?

Please help me

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  lucier rio Alhambra por Konstantinos Nikolakis 03/03/2009
      Re: lucier rio Alhambra por Pilar Gisbert / Dept. Intl. 04/03/2009
         Re: lucier rio Alhambra por Konstantinos Nikolakis 04/03/2009
            Re: lucier rio Alhambra por Pilar Gisbert / Dept. Intl. 05/03/2009


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