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what a kind is my guitar, a spanisch or a classic   publicado por Christian Drieling , el 07/12/2005 20:08:29


 my guitar is a gift from my girlfriend, but i donīt know what is the name of this subjebt...  
... spanish or classic or other.
in the soundeye there is a sticker and on the sticker a print with the following notice:
1.&serie de 1977
and the serialnumber:

waht a kind of strings my guitar need, nylon or steel?

your sincerly Christian Drieling

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  what a kind is my guitar, a spanisch or a classic por Christian Drieling 07/12/2005
      Re: Spanish or classic? Nš 882047 from 1977 por Jorge Juliá / Dept. Intl. 13/12/2005


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