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Guitar model   publicado por Marcelo Pavanello , el 19/01/2005 20:41:00


 Dear colleagues,

Since long time I bought an Alhambra classical guitar but I do not know the right model. This guitar has been bought at Real Musical in Madrid during the World cup by another person. Due to this, the Alhambra label has been covered by the Real Musical seal. Recently I removed the seal from Real Musical and could see that the Alhambra´s label is different to that used today: there is no indication of model and the year of fabrication (a bit damaged during the removal of Real Musical seal) seems to be 1978. Please, is there a possibility of identifying the type of guitar that I have? What would be the details that I should observe to characterize it for better definition? Thank your very much for your attention.

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  Guitar model por Marcelo Pavanello 19/01/2005
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